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Pool Table Removalists Sydney

Mayfair Removals stands out as a versatile and reliable moving company that goes beyond standard services, offering specialised solutions such as pool table removals. As experienced Sydney pool table removalists, Mayfair Removals understands the unique challenges associated with transporting these heavy and delicate items. Their dedicated team possesses the expertise and equipment necessary to ensure a smooth and damage-free relocation for pool tables of all sizes and designs.

The process of pool table removals with Mayfair Removals begins with a comprehensive assessment of the specific requirements and dimensions of the table. This meticulous planning phase allows their pool table removalists to devise a tailored strategy for disassembly, packing, and transportation. Mayfair Removals employs industry best practices, utilising specialised packing materials and techniques to safeguard the delicate surfaces and components of the pool table throughout the journey.

Pool Table Removals

Mayfair Removals takes pride in its commitment to efficiency and precision during pool table removals. The skilled removalists are adept at disassembling pool tables, ensuring that each component is carefully packed and labeled for streamlined reassembly at the destination. This meticulous approach not only guarantees the safety of the pool table during transport but also facilitates a quicker and more organised set-up in the new location.Clients choosing Mayfair Removals for their pool table removals benefit not only from the technical expertise but also from a customer-centric approach. The company prioritises open communication and transparency throughout the entire process, keeping clients informed about each step of the pool table relocation. This commitment to customer satisfaction sets Mayfair Removals apart as the go-to choice for those seeking professional and reliable Sydney pool table removalists.

A Company That Cares

Mayfair Removals not only excels in the safe transportation of pool tables but also offers an additional service that sets them apart – refelting the top of pool tables. As seasoned professionals, Mayfair Removals understands the importance of maintaining the integrity of the pool table’s playing surface. Their skilled technicians are well-versed in the art of refelting, ensuring that the top of the pool table is meticulously replaced with precision and care. This service goes beyond standard pool table removalists Sydney, allowing Mayfair Removals to offer a comprehensive solution for clients who seek not only relocation expertise but also the restoration of their pool table’s playing quality.

To further guarantee the secure handling of pool tables, Mayfair Removals employs special heavy-duty trolleys and dollies designed specifically for moving these sizeable and weighty items. These specialised tools enable our Sydney pool table removalists to navigate through various spaces with ease, ensuring a smooth and damage-free transport. Mayfair Removals recognises that the safe relocation of pool tables requires more than just manpower, and their investment in top-notch equipment emphasises their commitment to providing a service that is both efficient and protective of clients’ valuable possessions.

Keeping Your Possessions Safe

In choosing Mayfair Removals for pool table removals, clients can be confident that their prized game tables will be treated with the utmost care, not only during transit but also in terms of the playing surface. The combination of skilled refelting services, the use of heavy-duty trolleys, and a team of experienced removalists positions Mayfair Removals as the go-to choice for those seeking a comprehensive and reliable solution for their pool table relocation needs.

In conclusion, Mayfair Removals extends its full-service capabilities to include specialised solutions such as pool table removals. Their team of dedicated pool table removalists combines technical proficiency with a customer-centric approach to ensure a hassle-free and secure relocation for these valuable and often sentimental items. With Mayfair Removals, clients can trust that their pool table will be handled with the utmost care and expertise, making the overall moving experience as smooth as possible.



Whether you are relocating across town, regionally or interstate Mayfair Removals understands that there is much planning and organising when contemplating the major transition of moving house or office. Mayfair Removals can design a personalised relocation package to suit any client, factoring in budgets, time restraints and special requirements. 

We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of customer service and employing staff that are genuinely respectful of our clients and care for their belongings and since inception, we have grown exclusively through referrals, which is testament to our high service standards. 

Experience, Care and Attention to Detail Is What Sets Us Apart

Frequently asked questions

Our fine art removalists are highly skilled in handling valuable and fragile items. We utilise specialised packing materials, such as custom crates, foam wrap,  bubble wrap, and padding, to ensure optimal protection to our clients effects. We also employ meticulous techniques to secure items during transport, minimising the risk of damage.

In addition to transportation, our fine art removalists offer a range of additional services tailored to the specific needs of our clients. These services may include professional packing and unpacking, furniture disassembly and assembly, artwork installation, white-glove handling, and even assistance with organising and setting up the new luxury house. We aim to provide a comprehensive solution that goes beyond mere transportation, ensuring a seamless transition to your new residence.

Our Sydney fine art removalists prioritise client privacy and take measures to maintain confidentiality. Reputable companies often employ nondisclosure agreements, secure data handling protocols, and discreet practices to protect sensitive information. In some cases we can employ non branded trucks and non uniformed staff to ensure ultimate discretion. It is recommended to discuss your privacy concerns with our move manager beforehand to ensure your expectations are communicated.

To safeguard your valuable belongings during the move, it is crucial to choose a reputable fine art moving company with a proven track record. Reading reviews, seeking recommendations, and verifying their experience in handling high-value items can provide assurance. Additionally, confirming that the company is licensed, insured, and adheres to industry best practices for security protocols will further enhance the safety and security of your belongings. Further to this, we can create an inventory of your most valuable effects, ensuring that what we picked up, gets delivered to the drop off destination in once piece.

It is advisable to book our fine art removalists well in advance to secure your preferred moving date and ensure availability. Given the demand for our services, especially during peak moving seasons like Easter and Christmas, booking several weeks or even months ahead will give you peace of mind and allow ample time for the removalist company to plan and prepare for your penthouse relocation.


Fine art relocations can vary depending on factors such as the distance of the move, the size and complexity of your belongings, additional services required, and access at both the pick up and drop off destinations. Additional factors that need to be considered include whether we need to hire a crane or hoist for over sized or bulky items.  Feel free to reach out to our office and one of our experienced estimators will be in touch.

To prepare for the relocation of your fine art, start planning well in advance. Create a detailed inventory of your belongings, assess any specific requirements or challenges associated with the move, and communicate these to our moving coordinator. Securely packing valuable items and labelling boxes appropriately will help streamline the process, this is something we can assist you with. Clear communication, organisation, and early preparations are key to a successful artwork move.