Change of Address Checklist Australia: Our Complete List

There’s so much to remember during the moving process, including notifying authorities, friends and family, and service providers about your change of address.

We know it can be overwhelming to move, so our removalist Sydney specialists put together this convenient change of address checklist to help.

We’ll cover all the providers, services, organisations, and people to include in your address change checklist to help make your relocation a little less stressful. Tick off all the providers that you’ve done or aren’t applicable for you, and this will hopefully make your process all the more manageable.


Change of Address Checklist Australia


1. Local Authorities

When starting your address change checklist, we recommend notifying local authorities first. 

Important local authorities and government organisations to prioritise for your change of address checklist include:


2. Utility Providers

Another priority for your change of address checklist is notifying utility providers, such as:


3. Household Services

Here is an address change checklist for household services:


4. Healthcare Providers

Unless you are relocating locally, you will likely need to switch to new healthcare providers. Doctors and dentists will need your medical history forwarded to them. Taking care of this address change and transfer of information ahead of time can save you a lot of hassle when you relocate. 

If you are moving, add the following healthcare providers to your change of address checklist:


5. Insurance Providers

Notifying your insurance providers is one of the most important parts of an address change checklist. Your postcode is often a significant factor in the cost of premiums and cover. 

Here are the insurance providers to include on your address change checklist:


It’s easy to focus on your utility providers, household service providers, and healthcare and insurance providers. But when we talk to clients, vehicle-related services are often missing on their address change checklist.

All identification cards, registration papers, and documents related to your vehicle and licence must be updated. 

Be sure to include these vehicle-related services on your change of address checklist:


7. Financial Institutions

Informing financial institutions of a change in address is especially important. We recommend prioritising the notification of your bank. Keeping your address information and personal details accurate for your bank account is an important security measure against unauthorised transactions and identity theft.


8. Family and Friends

Your loved ones will need your new address, so make sure to include a section for family and friends on your change of address checklist. You can notify family and friends of your move through a mass email, change of address cards, texts, or messages. 


9. Schools

If your children attend school, you’ll want to provide your updated contact information. Universities or private schools will need updated address information for billing and tuition purposes. 


10. Personal Services 

Do you have a gardener, cleaner, or other service that helps maintain your property? Or an accountant? These can be easy to miss on an address change checklist. 

Be sure to add them to your change of address checklist so they know you are moving. They may still service the area you are moving to or perhaps they can offer a recommendation of the best services in your new location. 

Here are personal services you’ll want to include on your change of address checklist: 


11. Memberships and Clubs

As part of your address change checklist, make sure to cancel any local memberships or updates organisations of your move. These include: 


12. Subscription Services or Loyalty Programs

For your address change checklist, you’ll also want to update any loyalty programs or subscription services with your new address. 

Examples include:


Make Your Move as Easy as Possible with Removal Specialists

Part of a stress-free moving experience is good planning, including updating your address. Notifying relevant organisations such as the Australia Post and the ATO, along with your utility and service providers ahead of time can keep things progressing smoothly.  

We hope you found our change of address checklist helpful! If you enjoyed this address change checklist, we also have a Moving Checklist to help make your relocation as smooth as possible. 

If you’re looking to find reliable, trustworthy removalists in Sydney, give our team a call on 1300 174 907. Our AFRA Accredited Removalists specialise in end-to-end moving service within Sydney’s Eastern suburbs and Lower North Shore and we’re here to help you relocate with ease. 

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